Hello Fiama.


Brooklyn singer-songwriter Fiama Hummel has a collection of over 50 songs about the ups and downs of life, love and destiny. Influenced by her Brazilian heritage and long-time passion to connect with others, her debut album released in 2009 is written in both English and Portuguese. The Title, “They Say Fala” translates to “They Say Speak.” The album explores the polar emotions that come with being in love- happiness and pain, possession and loss, trust and betrayal.

Fiama took a four year hiatus from performing to focus on her next album, “Way to Happiness.” The autobiographical album is written completely in English and refines her unique story-telling abilities. Her songs continue to reflect the same themes of the previous album however it delves deeper into the subject of love and life as she writes of her experiences with marriage, divorce, and friendships both strengthened and broken. Even with the intense subject matter, Fiama is never bitter or broken herself. She sings of pain and loss with strength and hope and the fact that in the end love conquers all.